The last biography of a Zambian Baptist church leader was written in 1956, i.e. over 60 years ago. It was on the life of Paul Kasonga and it was a missionary who wrote it (i.e. Olive Carey Doke). The Zambian Baptist Historical Society (ZBHS) is about to change all that.
We are introducing a writing competition with prize money (K1,000) for 3 people who will provide us with a short biography of a Zambian Baptist church leader that we will publish in soft and/or hard copy. If you are interested, send an email right away to Mr Enos Zulu ( and you will be given the full instructions. This competition runs from September to December 2017.
The final 3 winners will be announced in February 2018 and their awards will be given to them at the Annual General Meeting of the Zambian Baptist Historical Society in March 2018. Another 7 will be awarded K300 consolation prizes.

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